• Aluminium alloys
    Aluminium alloys

    Casting aluminium alloys are the main product manufactured by Alumetal Group.

    Our Plants, one of the most modern in Europe, offer a full range of alloys manufactured from secondary raw materials and primary aluminium.

    Our offer includes alloys produced compliant with the following standards:

    In our wide portfolio can be also found special zinc and magnesium alloys manufactured according to the individual customer needs.

    We deliver to the Customer alloys in the form of ingots of 6-8 kg and the following dimensions: 680 mm long. 104 mm wide, 50-70 mm high.

    As a standard, our products are packed in single or double bundles of 500-900 kg, fixed with plastic or steel tape. Other forms of packaging are available on request.

    Alumetal Group has many years of experience in the supply of metal in liquid form.

  • Master alloys
    Master alloys

    The mechanical and physical properties of aluminium can be changed with alloying elements. Such elements are commonly called hardeners.

    Aluminium-based master alloys contain alloying elements in high concentrations. Therefore, they can be easily and economically added to aluminium in order to achieve the required properties. Master alloys dissolve at the lower temperature of liquid aluminium, thus they minimize the oxidation and gasification of liquid metal. The next advantages of lower furnace temperature is less energy consumption and longer furnace life, and most important – reduction of CO2 emissions.

    In order to meet the requirements of the customers and to create a comprehensive portfolio, Alumetal Group launched the production of master alloys. The master alloys are manufactured in accordance with the individual needs or the following standards:

    The most popular master alloys produced by Alumetal Group include: AlMn, AlSi, AlCu, AlNi, AlCr, AlFe, AlTi, AlMg, AlZr with different percentage of alloy additive.

    The product has the form of a waffle with the following dimensions: 435mm x 208mm x 50mm and weight: 7-12 kg depending on the master alloys.  

    The master alloys are stacked on pallets in bundles of 1000 kg and at the customer’s request they can be wrapped in foil. 



    Modifiers that are typically used in silicon-aluminium alloys change the microstructural metal properties to improve strength, ductility, plasticity and their processing. Alumetal offers a modifier for hypoeutectic silicon-aluminium based alloys with strontium: AlSr10, AlSr15 and AlSr20.

  • Grain refiner – AlTiB in the form of rod
    Grain refiner – AlTiB in the form of rod

    Grain size control plays an essential role in the foundries in order to maintain reproducibility and high quality of a product, reduce costs and ensure a high level of production capacity.

    A controlled addition of AlTiB based additives in aluminium smelting process releases nucleating elements that create equiaxial structures of fine grains throughout the cast alloy, preventing the formation of columnar crystals.

    AlTiB additives improve homogeneity and even distribution of alloying elements, reduce porosity, remove hot cracking in cast structures, enhance further thermal processing and improve both mechanical properties and machinability in the manufacturing process.

    In the microstructure of AlTi master alloy can be distinguished two different types of particles: TiB2 particles (usually of 1-2 microns) that do not dissolve in liquid aluminium and TiAl3 particles (bigger than Tib2, usually of 30-50 microns) that can be easily dissolved in liquid aluminium. Both types of particles play an essential role in the refining of the grain.

    Decades of research on the applications of aluminium grain refiners show that AlTiB alloy is the most widely used in foundries around the world.

    In order to complement its offer, in 2018 Alumetal joined the group of grain refiner manufacturers – AlTiB master alloy. The quality of the offered product fulfil the highest standards.

    The main application of AlTiB master alloy is refining of metal grains by enhancing the formation of a large number of crystallization nuclei and increasing the homogeneity of Al alloys and products. It results in:

    • better mechanical properties and machinability
    • increased resistance to fatigue
    • enhanced casting production process, lower risk of shrinkage and porosity
    • better heat treatment, reduction of hot cracking (AlCu, AlMg alloys)


    The grain refiner is produced in the following forms:

    - coiled rod from 180 kg to 450 kg and diameter of 9.5 mm +/- 1%

    - cut rod, rod 500-1000 mm long

    - semi-continuous casting (conti bars) of 0,5-3 kg and dimensions: 185 - 1110 mm ± 1% long, cross-section area about 1000 mm2

  • Potassium aluminium fluoride (PAF)
    Potassium aluminium fluoride (PAF)

    PAF is obtained in the production of salt-based Al alloys as a result of a reaction of aluminium with a mixture of K2TiF6 and KBF4 salts. 

    Potassium aluminium fluoride (PAF) is an inorganic salt also known as: potassium cryolite, potassium tetrafluoroaluminate, KAlF4 / K3AlF6.

    Potassium aluminium fluoride (PAF) is an inorganic salt of commercial grade with useful properties that is present in many industrial fields. PAF is uses as a compound of flux salt or as a finished product in the aluminium secondary melting process to remove magnesium. It is also used in coating and refining salts in order to improve the metallurgical yield, producing dry dross without metal.


    Potassium aluminium fluoride is present in the production of abrasive materials as an active filler in the abrasive materials bonded with resin for metalworking and production of ceramics and glass.


    ALUMETAL sells PAF in the form of pieces up to 300 mm, packed in big bags or in the form of a powder of 0-1 mm grains, packed in big bags or 25 kg paper bags.

  • Aluminium for steel deoxidation
    Aluminium for steel deoxidation

    For many years Alumetal Group offers aluminium for steel deoxidation, mostly for steel plants. The product complies with the Polish standard:

    The material is delivered in the form of ingots of 6-8 kg and the following dimensions: 680 mm long. 104 mm wide, 50-70 mm high. As a standard, the ingots delivered to the customer are packed in single or double bundles of 500-900 kg, fixed with steel or plastic tape. On customer's request, the bundles can be wrapped in foil.

  • Services

    Alumetal offers a wide range of services of remelting provided materials, such as aluminium chips, dross or other by-products on terms individually agreed with the customer.

    In addition, Alumetal provides technical consulting services in the field of casting / metallurgy of aluminium alloys. As a company with long experience in the aluminium industry, we offer to our customers cooperation in research and developmental works, including work on quality and technical requirements of alloys used for different casting applications.

  • Waste

    The Alumetal Group's sales offer also includes various types of scrap.

    Steep scrap according to PN-85/H-15000

    • N2  – below 4 mm thick
    • N4  – material in the form of chips 
    • N5  – material for shear baler cutting, above 4 mm thick 
    • N7  – spatial material, large-size, from scraping, above 4 mm thick 
    • N10 – mixed material 
    • W18 – shredded material

    Non-ferrous metal scrap

    • ZnAl castings and zinc sheets, 
    • Acid-resistant steel, E11 class 
    • Stainless steel
    • Brass

    Fines – fine-grained aluminium scobs and swarf; granulation below 0,6 mm.

    Aluminium dross of 20-65 % aluminium, content of free Fe up to 1%.

  • Fluxes and salts
    Fluxes and salts

    The Alumetal Group's offer is complemented by fluxes and salts produced by the chemical department T+S Sp.zo.o. in Kęty. The goal of the department is not only to sell products from the basic offer, but also constantly search for solutions in line with the development of steel and casing industry. The detailed offer is available at

    Products for casting industry:

    • covering and refining slags for aluminium and copper alloys
    • modifiers and refiners
    • calcium, magnesium and sodium removers
    • quenching salts
    • coating, cleaning and deslagging agents for furnaces
    • casting binders


    Products for steel industry:

    • insulating casting powders
    • insulating and refining casting powders
    • starting casting powder for electric furnaces (EBT) outlets
    • starting casting powder for slide gate outlets of casting ladles
    • desulfurizing casting powders
    • synthetic slags
    • granular and briquette steel deoxidants


    Chemical raw materials:

    • potassium chloride
    • sodium chloride
    • ammonium chloride
    • aluminium fluoride
    • calcium fluoride
    • cryolite
    • and other


    Mixing and briquetting services