Aluminium (chemical element, a metal from p-block of the periodic table) of technical purity, containing various amounts of impurities, depending on the method of processing. Aluminium is the third most common element in the earth's crust. From its symbol (and the symbol of silicon) derives the previous name of the outer layer of the earth – sial.

Atomic number: 13
Symbol: Al
Atomic mass: 26.982

4 tones of extracted bauxite mean 2 tons of alumina, which give 1 ton of aluminium

Aluminium is widely used in construction, transport, packaging
and machine industry

Aluminium is durable, light, ductile and has a good thermal and electrical conductivity

Aluminium can be recycled many times without losing its properties

The use of aluminium components in vehicles reduces CO2 emission (vehicle weight reduced by 100 kg gives 0,315l / 100 km less fuel consumption, which results in the reduction of 8g CO2 per km)