Responsible Bussiness

  • Environmental protection and OHS
    Environmental protection and OHS

    Alumetal Group's policy includes matters related to environmental protection and work safety rules.


    We are fully aware that the production processes in all company’s plants may have an impact on the environment. Therefore, we always consider applicable laws and other regulations regarding environmental protection while performing our activities.


    Alumetal Group takes measures to ensure safe working environment and to comply with the applicable legal requirements related to work safety. We identify risks at individual workplaces and define occupational risk. We are also taking a number of activities to raise awareness in the field of work safety and environmental protection.

    Our primary goal is to protect health and life of our employees and to provide safe conditions at every workplace.

    The company focuses on the occupational health and safety of its employees and external companies working at the premises of the plants. We take every effort to ensure healthy and safe working conditions. We work actively to prevent accidents at work.

  • Employees

    Employees with their experience and qualifications constitute the greatest asset of Alumetal Group. We would never achieve success and our current position without the commitment of our employees.


    Many years of experience and long service of some employees combined with the energy of the younger staff members and minimal rotation in the entire team ensure that we will achieve our goals. Our company values a good working atmosphere and above all, building long-term relations with all employees.

    Alumetal always complies with all applicable regulations regarding working and employment conditions and is a guarantee of stability for the future.

  • Social environment
    Social environment

    Interaction with local community and directly with self-governments is a key part of the activity of the Alumetal Group plants. Good relations with the local community at each site contribute to the development of mutual trust and joint work on various projects.

    One of our priorities is also to educate the community in the field of recycling and to raise its awareness regarding the role of recycling in the environment protection.

    For many years Alumetal Group has been involved in the number of projects at the local level, mainly through the financial aid. We are also engaged in actions which aim is to support people in need, for example initiatives to collect selected type of waste or other projects.

    The financial aid is also provided to didactic and educational institutions, as well as to independent social associations and organizations, hospitals, cultural facilities, sport clubs and directly to organize cultural events.