• Scrap

    Recycling of aluminium scarp saves about 95% of the energy required to produce metal directly from raw materials. In addition to energy saving, it reduces about 95% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the primary aluminium production process.

    Alumetal Group is interested in cooperation with companies from scrap industry. Our aluminium suppliers are leading recycling companies on Polish and European market. Alumetal Group also imports scrap from non-European Union countries.

    The use of good practices in the process of obtaining aluminium scrap material is a key issue for us.

    Our production plants in Kęty, Gorzyce, Nowa Sól and Komarom (Hungary) purchase aluminium scrap and pure raw materials and additionally enable our partners to use optimal logistic solutions when delivering scrap.

    We accept all types of aluminium scrap, including:

    • primary (sector, offset, sheets, profiles) and post-production scrap
    • castings
    • shavings off aluminium alloys 226, 231, 233, AlSi7, AlSi11, series 7000, series 6000, series 5000
    • Al wrought scrap
    • Al can
    • Al rims scrap
    • Al dross


    and other metal scrap, such as:

    • copper scrap
    • titanium scrap
    • zirconium scrap


    The delivered scrap is thoroughly analysed in terms of quality. The analysis includes checking the chemical composition and determining the level of contamination. The scrap quality assessment process is performed by qualified specialists.

  • Raw materials
    Raw materials

    Alumetal Group uses a wide range of pure raw materials to produce aluminium alloys:

    • Primary aluminium acc. to PN-EN 576
      • Al 99,85% grade
      • Al 99,80% grade
      • Al 99,70% grade
      • Al 99,50% grade


    • Metallic silicon acc. to PN-74, H-18028
      • Si 99 grade
      • Si 99,5 grade (2202, 3302, 3303, 553)
    • Nickel cathode 99.95 acc. to PN-79/H-82181
    • Magnesium 99.9% acc. to PN-79/H-82161
    • Manganese 99.7% acc. to PN-79/H-18025
    • Chrome 99A acc. to PN-79/H-18024
    • Zinc Zl acc. to PN-83, H-82200 in the form of ingots
    • CuP8 primary alloy in the form of wafers and granules 
    • Titanium sponge 99.5%
    • Metallic Strontium 99%
    • Vanadium V65
    • Zirconium 702
    • KBF4 and K2TiF6 salt