On 17 July 2014, the shares of ALUMETAL S.A. were quoted for the first time on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


The Company's shares are listed on the main market of the stock exchange under the abbreviated name "ALUMETAL" and "AML", ISIN code: "PLALMTL00023", in the continuous trading system and are included in the following indices: WIG, sWIG80, sWIG80TR, WIG-Poland, InvestorMS.


The Company's share capital amounts 1 577 552,10 PLN and is divided into 15 775 521 ordinary bearer shares with a nominal value 0,10 PLN each:

9 800 570 series A ordinary bearer shares;

1 507 440 series B ordinary bearer shares;

3 769 430 series C ordinary bearer shares;

150 770 series D ordinary bearer shares;

150 770 series E ordinary bearer shares;

100 513 series F ordinary bearer shares,

103 196 series G ordinary bearer shares,

51 598 series I ordinary bearer shares,

141 234 series J ordinary bearer shares.